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I am not using this journal anymore. At least not for sharing my thoughts. It has been on hiatus for months anyway and I finally decided to change all of my entries from 'friends only' to 'private'.

I've come to the conclusion that Livejournal and several other sites started to become more and more pointless for me. I haven't updated in months, I hardly ever get around to actually read your entries. Eventually I check, read, but hardly ever comment. The reason why I haven't deleted this journal yet is because it would be a pity to just delete all of the things I've written over the years. I am not ready to read through all of those entries right now, but maybe I want to read about what life was like in a couple of months, maybe years.

Since it is not really fair to you to not be able to read anything about my life anymore you can feel free to just delete me from your friend list. If any of you actually want to stay in touch just leave a comment with your AIM screen names, MSN addresses or E-Mail addresses. I'd love to hear from you. Comments are screened.

I am sorry that I was always kind of a bad LJ friend but thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. Most of the time it was really delightful and enlightening to read your entries and a lot of things helped me to see things from a new perspective.

Also to the people that are surprised that I deleted them from my MySpace. It is nothing personal. I made this account over 5 years ago to get news about the bands I love and now I actually went back to that. I haven't updated in months,I haven't really posted bulletins and I never check my comments. I mostly use it to check bands bulletins and I am still thinking over if I should just delete it for good.

I don't want anyone to get offended. It really is nothing personal and if you want we can keep in touch somewhere else.

Thank you.


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